Custom build homes

When looking for a new home, most people are picky. The truth is, most existing or pre-built homes will be different from what you are looking for. To get exactly what you envision for your dream home, the guaranteed way to get everything you want is to build a custom home.

Perks of building a custom home

When building a custom home, your ideas are turned into reality. You work closely with the builders throughout the entire process. Designing a home that fits your lifestyle means that you get to choose the materials you want, ensuring that everything used is of the highest quality. You get to create each room to fit your vision. Your expectations determine the end results.

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Why you should hire a professional custom home builder

Building a custom home requires expertise and experience. It is recommended that you work with a company or home builders with an excellent reputation and experience building custom homes. While you have a vision, the architect and home builders can take that concept and make it into a tangible blueprint that can be built to your specifications.

Be patient with the building process

The process of building a custom home always takes time, no matter the location of your future home. While some homes can take many years, it does not have to. Working with professional builders, being organized, and ensuring that you have all the needed legal documents, applications, and permits will help keep the project on schedule.

When planning your house, it is important to set achievable, solid goals and discuss them with your architect and building team. A custom-built home means that you need to set a realistic timeline and budget. Building a custom house will cost a lot of money. A construction loan may be acquired, but every individual needs to look at it personally.

Before construction starts

Before the construction of your house starts, there are several steps that must be done first:

  1. Establish your goals and what you want your home to look like and have
  2. Set up a realistic budget
  3. Purchase land and get it ready for development
  4. Hire a home builder team


Location is super important when it comes to building a custom home. Much like buying an existing home, the location of where you will live is important. You also need to think of location on a smaller scale when building a home. While experienced, reputable custom home builders will be able to achieve your goals through home design, the location of the home and where it is situated plays a role.

Custom homes will cost you money

Anything that is custom-built will cost more than something pre-built. While buying a home of any kind will always be a huge expense, it is important that your budget is realistic. Your home-building team will be able to help you break your budget down, so you can understand how much you will need to achieve your goals.

Clear communication is vital

When you build houses, you have to make a lot of decisions during the building process. For your project to be complete to the clients’ and builders’ standards and specifications, open and frequent communication is vital.

Focus on the inside as well

Just like a custom home builder will create exactly what you want the exterior and layout of your home will look like, an interior designer will help you create the atmosphere and feel you want your house to have. Details like fixtures, paint colours, and furniture layout can all be customized by your designer during the design process. They will take detailed information about your likes, dislikes, needs and wants and create the ideal home for you and your family.

Tips when building a custom home

It is very important to check the references of any professionals you are thinking of hiring. Looking at builder’s portfolios online can also help you decide if the working relationship will be a good fit.

When looking to build in a certain location, if there is a custom home builder in the area, you can get local insight into the area.

Keep your mind open once construction has begun. Before your project starts, ensure you are completely satisfied with the chosen materials and plans. It is also important to listen to the experts. The home builder’s job is to construct a beautiful, quality home that will last. They are the expert on what will work best for your property, budget, and project. This is why communication and checking references at the start is so important.

AXM Contracting builds custom homes in the Columbia Valley

When it comes to wanting to build custom homes, AXM has the experience to build a variety of projects. From larger home building to creating the ultimate family home, AXM’s experience and dedication to quality and surpassing expectations results in houses that are complete and stand the test of time.

If you are looking for a quality home-building team in the Columbia Valley, contact AXM Contracting to start the process of creating your dream custom home. Using only the highest quality materials, paired with sustainable ideas and on and off-site professionalism, new homes built by AXM can be seen throughout the Columbia Valley.