What to look for when hiring home renovators

Home renovations can be an exciting, and stressful process. A home renovation can completely revitalize your home, add resale value, and help make your home custom to you and your family’s needs. Professional home renovators can be a great asset to any homeowner who is looking to do a home renovation project. Hiring an experienced team can bring many benefits, including access to the latest design trends, updated materials and fixtures, knowledge of proper building codes and safety regulations, and the ability to complete projects on time and on budget.

Home renovations in the Columbia Valley

Whether you are doing a partial or full renovation, choosing the right team of home renovation workers in The Columbia Valley is key to ensuring your home renovation project delivers the space you want.

Things to consider before starting a renovation project

When it comes to finding reputable and experienced home renovation businesses in the Columbia Valley, there are several ways to ensure you are working with a reliable and trustworthy renovation and construction team.

Do you like the company’s past work?

While you don’t need to look for an award-winning contractor, look for one with happy clients. Many construction and renovation companies have portfolios on their websites which is another great resource for prospective clients. If you are looking to renovate your basement suite, for example, and you like the workmanship a company has done on another basement, that company may be perfect for your project.

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What services do you need?

Home renovations have many moving parts. Many different trades will be utilized while you are renovating. Planning a bathroom renovation project will be different than renovating the kitchen or family room. Interior designers may also be needed to ensure your space’s reflect your ideal look and feel.

What is your expected budget and timeline?

A home renovation comes with a cost. From the design right through to the final finishes, it is important to have a budget and stick with it as close as possible. Working with an experienced renovation team will help you keep your project on track.

As mentioned earlier, home renovation projects can be stressful. Unless you have the good fortune of spending a few months in Mexico, you will likely be sharing your home with the various trades while the renovation takes place. Keeping a project on schedule is even more important in this situation. Working with a reputable renovation business that understands how to mitigate potential project delays such as permits and inspections, keeps the project on time and efficient.

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Home renovations in the Columbia Valley with AXM Contracting

Home renovation projects in the Columbia Valley come with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Home improvement projects must be tailored to the region’s needs, from the desert hot summers, to the -40C cold snaps of deep winter. Working with experienced renovators, homeowners can rest assured their own renovation projects will be completed on time, on budget, and with top-notch quality that adheres to all local building codes. Whether a major remodeling project or a simple repair job, AXM Contracting will plan and create your ideal space that suits your lifestyle and family.

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